To My Own Worst Enemy….Myself

You are your own worst enemy. Lying to yourself every day about what you can and cannot do. Telling yourself you won't ever find love and if you do then they won't love you long once they learn who you are. Never going to graduate and get a good job in that field you love... Continue Reading →


Just a quickie

Just a quick post about how I’m doing. Mostly because I haven’t posted since new years and honestly, a lot has happened since then. I had begun medication – Wellbutrin – back in June of 2018. It stabilized me and made me feel better. But I began seeing small changes and in November I started... Continue Reading →

The New Year Doesn’t Have To Be About Goals, Make 2019 About You

The New Year doesn't have to be about goals, it can' be about you, you know. Alright, listen up. It’s the new year and it’s that time for everyone to confess their undying determination for their goals and resolutions that they will accomplish this year. Ahem, well, I think that this year maybe we should... Continue Reading →

Who Let The Bird Out Of The Box?

Who let the bird out of the box? I’m sure you’ve heard about it. The Netflix movie everyone is talking about; Bird Box. I mean come on, there are hundreds of memes already. If you haven’t seen it then I recommend doing so before reading this. I'm going into a decent amount of detail so... Continue Reading →

The holidays don’t have to suck

It’s Christmas eve-eve and I wasn’t going to write an article until after the holidays. I know it can be busy and people have so much to do…myself included. But I felt like it is important to remind everyone of something so simple yet easily forgotten. The holidays are here and people are wishing Merry... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Doesn’t Have To Be Taboo

You ever feel like telling someone about the crippling anxiety you feel? Not sure how? Or maybe you want to ask your friend how you can help them through their depression. Whatever the case may be one thing is certain: Mental illness is a taboo topic and we need to learn to talk about it.... Continue Reading →

Time To See A Therapist?

Have you ever been to a therapist? This year I’ve made leaps and bounds with mental health progress in a positive direction. Medication, meditation, eating better, cutting down alcohol consumption….and therapy. I’ve been going to see an amazing man who has helped me through some of the most traumatizing life events that contributed to my... Continue Reading →

Stop Saying Others Have It Worse

I read an article that talked about validating peoples feelings. I decided to give my own thoughts on a way people often invalidate people with good intentions. “You don’t look sick” “You’ll get over it, just be patient” “Don’t be crazy” “You have nothing to be afraid of” “Just calm down” “You don’t seem bad... Continue Reading →

3 Simple Quotes By 3 Wise Men

My weekly post was a bit delayed last week due to way to much anxiety and anticipation regarding my wisdom teeth removal on Friday morning, and I couldn’t bring myself to type more than a couple words without getting distracted by the impending destruction inevitably going to be thrust upon my face. And it’s in... Continue Reading →

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