What’s all the hullabaloo?

Border sock

Hello and welcome! My name is Avril and I will be embarking on an adventure to bring information and real stories to life. I plan on doing this by scouring day and night for content and searching high and low for people with incredible stories they wish to share with the world. (Which means you can too, just send me a message in my contact page!)

Now, let me give you an idea about why there are Socks in my Rocks.

I’m going to begin by saying I hurt my brain trying to think of a way to accurately depict what it would be like to live with some form of mental illness/disability. For longer than I care to admit all I could think about was using the title “Endless ability”. Because even those with disabilities have great abilities! Accurate, yes, but to cliche for my liking. I would dread trying to write and it’s not my style. However, at around 2:00 am I’m laying in bed about to doze off when I feel dirt on the bed (Probably cat litter from when the bugger jumped up, gross) and made a face as I was half dreaming about having rocks in my socks.

Bingo! On comes my light-bulb and I quickly open my notes on my phone, using one eye because I forgot the brightness up, jot it down and drift back into my restless sleep.

Having rocks in your socks is like having a disability. Doesn’t matter what kind. Telling someone kind of feels pointless because you assume they’ll just brush it off and simply tell you to empty your socks. But you can’t because you’re holding to many things and in a rush so you just keep walking in this discomfort. Those darn socks in your rocks.

I will be writing a more in depth post about this and posting it in my blog so stay tuned! However I hope the message was clear enough to make ya wanna stick around and read it when it does come!

Don’t forget to hop over to my Facebook page so you can see updates as they come! Or tune in every Thursday for my latest and greatest!

Welcome and I hope you enjoy what you see!
A person with mental disabilities


It’s hard enough for a person to keep their own socks pulled up, let alone someone else’s.                                                                                – Stephen King


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